Quality Christian Education

Our Mission

New Kent Christian Academy is committed to providing a quality Christian education in a caring spiritual environment with the desire to assist families in evangelizing and disciplining their children in biblical truth and the Christian faith. NKCA operates under religiously except from licensure.

Our Vision

It is the vision of New Kent Christian Academy to offer a godly alternative to other educational options available. We seek to set aside denominational distinctive and in the spirit of love, unity and liberty function as a preschool operating as a spiritual and educational resource to the greater community of our surrounding area.

Our Philosophy

On Education

NKCA will educate children in accordance with the principles of the Christian faith. Through integration of these principles in the process of learning, we believe that children develop Christian values and attitudes by which to live.

On Growth

Essential to this process of growth and development is the Word of God. Christian principles are an integral part of the curriculum and teaching. The leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of teaching is also a crucial part of the educational process. Christian education seeks to provide a healthy atmosphere in which to teach solid academics and Christian discipleship.

On Development

Aligned with this philosophy of education is the realization that man is more than mind and body, but also spirit. Christian education is directed toward the whole person, spirit, mind, and body thus helping children reach their potential as Christian individuals. NKCA focuses on the child’s spiritual growth and his physical needs as well as academic knowledge. This approach to education assists each child in developing a life-style by which his/her faith will translate into a visible witness.

On Family

In light of these principles NKCA offers a program which will provide its students with a wide variety of learning experiences in a Christian setting. The Word of God will be presented to children at their level of understanding and with opportunities and encouragement to practice the ideals being taught.

Christian education begins with Christian families. Ultimate responsibility rests upon parents to “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6. NKCA in no way seeks to supplant the God-ordained family structure, but to support it in the total education of the child.

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